Sunday Reading List 4.12.2020

Sunday, April 19, 2020


Hunting the internet for articles not related to coronavirus.

The Hollywood Con Queen (Marie Claire): This is a looongg read but really what else do we have to do right now? This follows the investigation of a con artist who posed as top female Hollywood execs and scammed hundreds of people looking for their big break. Cannot wait for this Netflix mini-series (they have to right?).

Tips for Emotional Regulation in Uncertain Times (Psychology Today): Tips to feel our feelings and process right during high-stress times. Good tools even post-covid.

The Impersonators (Buzzfeed News): This is a fascinating (and disturbing) investigation into millions of fraudulent public comments and emails used by lawmakers as data points in decision-making. I learned a lot in this, like where your data goes when it's stolen in a breach (and how it gets stolen), and how consultancy firms are used in public decision-making.

Netflix's Unorthodox: the real parts vs. the fictionalized parts (Oprah Magazine): If you haven't watched Unorthodox go do it and then read this. The book is going straight to my quarantine reading list.

Body of Lies (Longreads): Great read via Hitha's #5SmartReads (posted daily in her IG stories). This quote, whoooshhh:
In a world where women are made to feel that we are lesser than, weaker than, we are often taught that sex and appearance are our only weapons with which to compete — and it’s pervasive: in the workplace, on social media, even in politics. I don’t disagree with using sexuality as one way to move through this world. The issue is that society has made this our primary mode of leverage, and if we exist or age outside of society’s prescribed standards of beauty — narrow ideas about age, race, shape, size — we often lose our perceived power. As single women, as wives, as figures of desire.

How to Be an Inclusive Leader Through a Crisis (HBR): Things we should always keep in mind but are especially crucial right now.

A Stroll Through the Past with Fiona Apple (Jezebel): #Memories


  1. Great topics! Sounds like these are meaningful read and look forward to checking them out!

  2. Interesting post I enjoyed read this.


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