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Monday, May 4, 2020

Hi friends- hope everyone's hanging in there. Time in quarantine is so weird, and what's even stranger to me is that we all seem to be experiencing it the same: March was 100 days long, April was 2 days long, some weeks fly and some drag on forever. I can't wait for a study to understand this one.  Anyway - here are some things I'm liking over the last few weeks:

📺Watching: Dave on Hulu and FX has given me the laughs I need (multiple episodes took me to my highest laugh level - scream laughing which is above laughing so hard I cry on the scale of funny). Broadchurch (subtitles on) on Netflix is filling my mystery-thriller cup. Married At First Sight on Hulu, Netflix and Lifetime is fulfilling my need for reality TV that isn't too trashy (I recommend watching this one with a group of friends and Zooming Decision Day together), 10 whole seasons will keep us busy.
📚Reading: Currently renting audiobooks and e-books from the library since I'm flying through books right now and my budget does not support purchasing at this rate. So far my favorites have been Open Book which I was surprised how much I liked despite not caring/knowing that much about J. Simp (followed by Bad On Paper + Katie Sturino discussion and Be There in Five + Hitha Pepalu discussions).  The Girl Before has Girl On The Train vibes and I blew threw it in 3 days.
👗Wearing: This insanely soft Daily Ritual Jumpsuit via Amazon.
🎧Listening: I love Be There In Five and I have been closely following Stephanie McNeal's observations throughout the crisis and they combined forces for my dream podcast episode about Influencing In The Time of COVID. The audio is a little wonky in the beginning but there are so many times I wanted to jump in and join this convo.
🤓Learning: My IRL friend Sydney recently graduated with a Master's in Positive Psychology from UPenn and turned me onto her alumni association's FREE 45-minute webinars on Strategies to Thrive During Uncertain Times - this site has sign-ups for future webinars and recordings of past webinars. I attended Using Virtual Meetings As a Means For Connection and found takeaways I immediately put into action (greeting everyone in virtual meetings, injecting fun to break down barriers) and am signed up for Do You Want to Create a Flourishing Team Culture? Giving me a sense of control during these crazy times!
🛍Shopping: It's the little things that are making work from home more enjoyable, and one of those things is COLOR in my home office. I've added a few plants (mostly succulents due to my black thumb) and am now ISO a new laptop cover. I previously impulse bought this one a few years ago because it was right when the Obamas' portraits were released and it reminded me of Barack's. It's cracked, I need a new one. Currently deciding between abstract pastel, colorful stones (I used to have a cellphone case that resembles this that Harrison called my "Kylie Jenner case"), florals, cacti, or fine arts. Visuals below.

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