sunday reading list 5.3.2020

Sunday, May 3, 2020

The last 2 weeks my energy has waned, my usual unshakeable positivity has deflated, and I've struggled to find motivation to do anything besides binge old seasons of Married At First Sight. This quote kicked my butt in this time of unprecedented pressures.

Here are my favorite reads this week, as always attempted to source not-end-of-the-world reading material:

Kim Jong Un is alive. And he’s ... at a fertilizer factory (Vox): I posted an IG poll last week and 73% of of us (myself included) thought Kim Jong Un was definitely dead. Turns out we were (supposedly) wrong. Still not convinced. Bonus read: Inside Kim Jong-un’s lavish lifestyle from Ibiza-style island to millions blown on lingerie for twisted ‘pleasure squad’

How CEOs Can Support Employee Mental Health in Times of Crisis (HBR): Great read with actionable steps we can take as leaders and co-workers to support our peers and direct reports (not just for CEOs).

Hemingway Was Once Quarantined With His Wife...and Mistress (Town & Country): CAN YOU EVEN BEGIN TO IMAGINE! Sidenote: highly recommend The Paris Wife if you haven't already read it - the story of Hemingway's first wife (and yes it does detail this quarantine). I'm renting e-books from the public library and ordering physical books from local bookstores.

For Better or Worse: Conflict and Connecting in Crisis (The Gottman Institute): Actual steps to take to keep marriages healthy in quarantine.

How Instagram Changed Our World (The Guardian): Everything from the economy to our values to plastic surgery. This also touches on some interesting points like why Facebook faces more scrutiny than IG despite having the same owner, how Instagram the company decided what was cool, and how their policies created the influencer.

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