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Friday, May 29, 2020

Another week down. Some things I'm liking this week:

📚Reading: Finished The Son  and LOVED - historical fic fans this one is for us - it follows three generations of a Texas oil family. Took a lot of breaks to Google. Just picked up The Identicals as a pallet cleanser and Kind of a Parent Trap vibe on Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard.
🎧Listening: The Missionary is an investigative podcast following the Renee Bach case. Renee was a missionary in Uganda allegedly running a nonprofit under the guise as a 'medical professional' although she just had a GED and 0 medical training. 100+ kids died in her care, and families are pressing charges. This podcast is a deep dive into Christian missionaries abroad, white saviorism, and interesting aspects of Ugandan culture.
🛍Comfort shopping: Feeling v low about the state of our country's leadership so went ahead and purchased this hat in light gray as a reminder of a time I had more hope. Not really a hat person but will likely become one until my hair salon opens back up. Bonus points for small business in the US!

📺Watching: Upload on Amazon Prime is everything I need right now - in the not so far off future, humans can upload themselves into a digital afterlife and this follows a young tech guy through his experience at the five star resort version of digital afterlife. I'm not into sci-fi at all but this is written by Greg Daniels who wrote The Office and Parks and Rec so..duh.
🍽Eating: So tired of everything I can possibly cook at home so picked back up my Sunbasket membership. This saved me in grad school with their options for oven-ready meals and "under 20 minute" meals (and they really are under 20 minutes - unlike some meal kits that require an inordinate amount of zesting and skills that this basic cook does not have). I also sent a week of  oven-ready meals to my brother who just had a baby because they deliver everywhere.
💼Work From Home: Amazon has some great looking blue light glasses. I got this pair and also added these to my cart:

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  1. That podcast sounds really good. I know someone who goes to Haiti and does 'doctoring,' but has very little medical training (which as a medical professional infuriates me). White saviorism also infuriates me too. It's one thing to go and give your times and talents. It's another to go in a savior who thinks they are going to change a person or culture's way of life.


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