Sunday Reading List 8.2.2020

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Parks Aren't Public Until Black Kids Belong (Kaboom): My good friend wrote this post that looks into the history of discrimination in public parks and the path forward to make public spaces truly public.

Trump Moves to Ban Tik Tok In the US (WaPo): TBH as we head into the second wave of COVID if the price I have to pay for an endless supply of choreographed family videos and talking animals is all my personal data and national security... I'm leaning towards a "so be it" response.

When Black Lives Matter Came to Rural White America (WaPo): How the movement is showing up in the most unexpected places, and the communities' reactions. Important read as I forget how different places are outside my bubble.

Trump Repeals Rule Meant to Integrate Neighborhoods (LA Times): He's really not even trying to hide the overt racism. We discussed the history of housing segregation in the US in the
#30DayEducationChallenge - click here to learn why these policies matter.

The Police Tried To Make Me Medically Examine Someone Against Their Will (Zora): A doctor masterfully shows how many times systemic racism comes into play in one encounter with patient in the ER.

You've Been Called Out For a Micro-aggression (HBR): The right way to react when you get called out. Read it, memorize it, be ready to use it because we're all going to mess up here.

How the Child Care Crisis Will Distort the Economy for Generations (Politico): Remember that time congress gave more money to bail out one airline than to the entire child care system during the global pandemic? Here's the impact.

Mackenzie Scott Rules (Medium): Mackenzie Scott, the ex-wife of Jeff Bezos, is killing the billionaire game with $1.7 BILLION in donations last week, including $160 million to HBCUs. Interesting look into how her money works here.

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