Election 2020: Volunteering in THE Home Stretch Weekend

Saturday, October 31, 2020

We are officially in the sprint to election day, the final stretch, the few days that could swing the election. If you haven't already voted, please do so early if you're able (too much can go wrong on Election Day) or drop your ballot at a ballot box (it is too late to mail now BUT if that is truly your only option drop it in the mail and cross your fingers). 

The next few days are a whole team effort, here are ways to get involved: 

Women for Biden Get Out the Vote Marathon: Join women across the country as we rally these last four days for a GOTV marathon. From Saturday through Election Day, join us as we help voters in swing states get to the polls. A virtual campaign "dance marathon," every day will feature phone bank trainings, surprise guests, dance breaks and calling voters to ensure they have what they need to VOTE.

Get Out the Vote: Get Out the Vote has virtual opportunities (I'm calling voters in PA to make sure they know where to drop off their ballots) and in-person opportunities such as canvassing and poll watching. Go to the website and select your state (or any state if your's isn't listed) for opportunities.)

Phone Banking for Biden: 2020 Victory Fund has lots of virtual events over the next few days to support voters.

Election Protection Volunteers: This organization has opportunities for legal professionals (law students, paralegals, lawyers) and for regulars like us. Hotlines, poll watching training, etc. 

Volunteer with Chefs for the Polls: Bae Jose Andres' World Central Kitchen is at it again providing food to the polls in states with notoriously messy polling places. 

Feed the Polls: If you're in Philly, Denver, Phoenix, or Miami you can sign up here to volunteer to get food to voters waiting in long lines. You can also donate $$ here.

Donate to get pizza to people in long lines in 39 states

A note about phone banking: I am top 10 most awkward people I know. I hate talking on the phone - what is it 1995? And are people going to be mad at me for calling them? And, and, and? But here's the thing: phone banking increases voter turnout by 4% which is more than enough to win an election so my personal concerns are null. Yes, I hope by the next election we are not in a global pandemic where we can actually canvass but right now this is what we've got. I've done phone banking since January and it is a) very easy - minimal thinking involved, b) very straightforward - you log on, you don't have to download anything, and you follow a very specific script. We can do hard things.

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