Sunday Reading List 11.15.2020

Sunday, November 15, 2020


Writing from my Christmas-decorated living room watching Lifetime Christmas movies. I'm a believer in November 1 as the go-live date for Christmas decor but married someone who believes Christmas week is acceptable, so for the last few years we've compromised on Thanksgiving. Due to the unprecedented year (and my declining mental health?) he agreed to November 1 this year. All it took was a global pandemic and looming civil war.

Kamala Harris didn't become vice-president-elect by saying 'no worries if not' (The Guardian): Taking this kick in the butt.

How to Thrive When Everything Feels Terrible (HBR): Action steps we can take towards success when everything around us is negative (lol "negative" is generous - a dumpster fire?)

Why White Men Love Trump's Coronavirus Response (The Atlantic): I'm genuinely seeking to understand what is going on in the heads of 73 million Americans. 

What a Florida Reparations Case Can Teach Us About Justice in America (Time): Interesting approach to reparations that proves it is doable (because really if Florida can do it, anyone can).

The Look of Mormon (Allure): Look I haven't watched Real Housewives since Atlanta season 1 but I am ALL IN with the Housewives of Salt Lake City and was shocked to learn that Salt Lake City has the 2nd highest number of plastic surgeons per capita- only behind MIAMI (wut?!). If you want more on the topic check out Be There in Five's Mormon Mommy Blogger deep dive.

What's up with Minneapolis Police since George Floyd (WaPo): We desperately and quickly need to fix policing.

When Religion Leads to Trauma (New York Times): Got into this topic when a therapist encouraged my church small group to set "religious boundaries" with families this holiday season. My religion is a big part of my life, but this part of "Christianity" is something I struggle to reconcile with.

Check back for posts that are in the works: Black-Owned Holiday Shopping Guide, Book list, Stuff I Like RN.

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