2021.1.31 Sunday Reading List

via The Female Lead

The Necessity of Consciously Inclusive Leadership (Forbes): It matters now more than ever, check yourself.

I’m A First-Generation Indian American Woman. I Married Into A Family Of Trump Supporters (Huffington Post): Damn.

Momfluencer Content Enrages Me. Why Can't I Look Away? (Harper's Bazaar): So that's why. 

Unpacking the Racism of Digital Blackface in the Information Age (YouTube): Interesting take on something we're seeing more and more.

The SATC Reboot Will be Addressing COVID (The Cut): The author's prediction for how the characters will handle COVID had me rolling.

The Pandemic Has Erased Entire Categories of Friends (The Atlantic): This perfectly articulates what I miss the most about going into the office, and why I felt so emotional when Whole Foods brought back my cheese guy.

Where Americans Will Go When They Can WFH Forever (Slate): What variables are economists looking at to figure out where everyone's gonna go? 

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