Let's Talk About the Bachelor

Monday, February 15, 2021

First I'm going to kick this off with a confession. I am not a member of #TheBachelorNation. I believe the world is made up of two types of people: Married at First Sight people and Bachelor people, and the venn diagram overlap includes very few people (I'm MAFS all day). All that said, I have been closely following this season of The Bachelor as they bring in the first Black Bachelor, and I have a lot of thoughts. This week we've got a three part series comin: 

Part 1: The First Black Bachelor
Part 2: Dissecting Rachael K's Actions, and Why They Matter
Part 3: Chris Harrison's Problematic Interview

Even if you're like me and you're not into The Bachelor, I (and a few guests) will be talking about how race shows up everywhere, and problematic white behaviors. 

Related, this week we'll be talking on my Instagram stories about mistakes well-meaning white people make and how we can do better.

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