2021.2.21 Sunday Reading List

Sunday, February 21, 2021


D.C.'s Vaccine Appointment Disparity Didn't Have to Happen (WaPo): 11% of COVID deaths in D.C. have been white yet the majority of the first wave of vaccines went to white District residents. I just read a lot and saw this coming from a mile away. 

Tulane’s first Black woman program director was dismissed. It’s sparking a national outcry. (The Lily): Princess Dennar filed a lawsuit against Tulane alleging discrimination and was dismissed shortly after. This article shows why we have such a healthcare disparity, and it is infuriating. Please read.

Britney Spears' former assistant speaks out (NBC News): Us hard core fans remember Brit's cousin-assistant Ali from the good ole days. And if you haven't watched the Hulu documentary please go watch it now. 

Black Space, White Blindness (Slate): Why white Americans can't picture a middle-class Black neighborhood, and what it means for the country.

Glassdoor will now break out its ratings by race and gender (Fortune): The pressure to act on those Civil Rights Summer statements just turned up a notch. 

Meet the undercover anti-facists (Rolling Stone): This is a FASCINATING read on the people (with serious #girlpower) who go undercover to expose and stop the far right.

Psychological safety is key to preventing burnout (Fast Company): Not only does it prevent burnout but it increases feelings of inclusion and belonging (good read if you're worried about your company's Glassdoor reviews being disaggregated by race and gender..) 

Texas failed because it did not plan (The Atlantic): The parallels to the COVID response are...

Florida, Georgia, Arizona Republicans are working on new voter restrictions (Vox): Stay awake yall. We got congressional and local elections coming up and we got a fight ahead of us.

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