2021.02.28 Sunday Reading List

Sunday, February 28, 2021


 One doctor describes her experience with racism in medicine (Forbes): Dr. Aysha Khoury was fired from her faculty position after hosting a conversation with one of her classes on racism in medicine. She's a great follow in Twitter as well.

The not-so subtle racism in America's food culture (Playboy): Race shows up in every.single.part of the supply chain.

I tracked down the girls who bullied me as a kid (Huffington Post): An interesting project shared by Abra Belke in her "Break Things" IG story feature.

Inside a battle over race and class at Smith College (New York Times): How colleges are handling accusations of racism - are they helping or hurting?

E-mail is making us miserable (New Yorker): Nice to know my personal hatred towards email is backed by science.

America didn't need sports after all (The Atlantic): The pandemic forced us to rethink sports.

Mayanmar Coup: what is happening and why? (BBC): In case you're trying to figure it out. This Daily episode is also helpful

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