2021.03.28 Sunday Reading List

Sunday, March 28, 2021


via @munroebergdorf

How to think about Hollywood's "problematic" movies (New Yorker): How race shows up in movies through time, and how do we address it? 

Private schools have become obscene (The Atlantic): As someone who has only attended public schools and worked in the public school system married to someone who has only attended private schools, this was interesting.

Your home's value is based on racism (New York Times): How white preferences impact Black wealth. 

Such a pretty face (Vox): Fat-phobia and dating. This article has some fascinating data to back up our actual preferences vs. what our culture says is acceptable.

Talking about the Atlanta spa shootings (Lily): Important things to keep in mind as we have tough discussions about violence against AAPI communities. Supplemental reading.

US saw estimated 4,000 extra murders in 2020 amid surge in daily gun violence (The Guardian): The killings that didn't make the news surged in 2020, and banning assault weapons isn't going to help the most vulnerable. 

The surprising power of simple check-ins (HBR): Burnout is at an all-time high and the most important factor in preventing it is creating a sense of belonging in the workplace. What does and doesn't help. (PS: HBR is doing an e-newsletter series on burnout that you can subscribe to here.)

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