2020.03.21 Sunday Reading List

Monday, March 22, 2021



The weather was amazing this weekend and I lost track of time so we're Sunday reading late on a Monday night.

Our Asian Spring (The Atlantic): ready to put up a fight.

Moms are being shamed for onlyfans content (Lily): Many parents are turning to OnlyFans to provide for their families during the pandemic, and in some cases their kids are suffering.

Is the era of the GirlBoss over? (Elle): Female Founders' downfalls have been subjected to far more scrutiny than their male counterparts. What's up with this (besides the MF patriarchy).

Why it's so hard to speak up at work (NYT): Speaking up at work is riskier for women, especially women of color. Psychological safety is the answer.

Elliot Page could be the story of trans joy (Refinery29): The lens through which we learn about the trans experience is a cis one, and it has an impact on the stories that are told.

When solidarity becomes transformational (Building Movement): Thoughts and prayers are the worst, how do we engage in transformational solidarity?

Don't be surprised when vaccinated people get infected (The Atlantic): Helpful breakdown of how the vaccine works and why we will still see positive test results. 

The virus, the vaccine, and the dark side of wellness (Harpers Bazaar): Wellness influencers and anti-vaxxing and QANON 🥴

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