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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

 I swear this isn't turning into a Bachelor blog- I still don't even watch the show- but the Bachelor Nation represents a large portion of the US and it's important to unpack what is going on here. It's a lesson in White Supremacy for sure. 

My friend Charisse is back for another chat to discuss the recent happenings here (reminder: listen with an open mind and no one is speaking on behalf of entire subgroups). There are a few parts to this one, here are the minute markers in case you want to skip ahead.

  • 2:00: I don't see race!
  • 4:00: what's the big deal about having Rachael on the show?
  • 9:00: What Old South Antebellem parties are and Lindsay's experience with Greek life in the South
  • 14:00: Problematic plantations
  • 15:30: Chr*s H*rrison's interview
  • 20:30: The apologies and what we want to see from Chr*s and Rachael
  • 24:00: What we DON'T want to see from them
  • 31:00​ Where we go from here
  • 35:00: What YOU can do

And because everything in Bachelor Nation is moving at lightning speed, another event unfolded shortly after Charisse and I chatted which I broke down on Instagram (see here in highlights).

  1. Here's what I want us to take away from this:
  2. It is crucial for white people to understand white supremacy and how it shows up for us (Me and White Supremacy is a great starting point)
  3. Learn how to be called out and how to respond with action
  4. Hold your white friends accountable
  5. When you see something, say something. Don't put it on your Black friends or colleagues to call things out. Find ways to advocate that does not compromise yourBlack friends/colleagues or put them at risk. What we see unfolding in the franchise happens at even the wokest companies

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