2021.0502 Sunday Reading List

Wednesday, May 5, 2021


Apparently it's May? May 2021?? Anyway wanted to share this reminder above about duality of emotions, something I have struggled with as the world is reopening and my calendar is getting packed and I'm feeling guilt over how much I enjoyed certain parts of the last year in lockdown. When I pictured the world reopening I didn't foresee a certain part of me missing the wide open, unscheduled weekends and the quality time with my husband and friends. While still being ecstatic to see the vaccine rolling out, hope, diminishing fears, the economy making a comeback, kids returning to childcare, planning trips, all of it. And then it was my birthday weekend so I missed Sunday Reading List. 

Here's what I'm reading this week:

‘More Than Just Tragic’: Ma’Khia Bryant and the Burden of Black Girlhood (New York Times): Experts illustrate the dangers of adultification bias, and what it means to be a Black girl in the US.

The History of the Work Wife (The Cut): I have never seen such a perfect descriptor of the work wife as the first paragraph of this article. It brought tears to my eyes but also digs into an important question - why do we have to have work wives to survive?

The problem with "mom boss" culture (Vox): MLMs, capitalism, all of it. I saw this posted on Abra Belk's #BreakThings Instagram feature - she is a great follow!

The Chauvin trial's jury wasn't like other juries (The Atlantic): An interesting read on the selection process for the Chauvin jury. 

How one company worked to root out bias from performance reviews (HBR): It's not quite as obvious as I thought, and easy to replicate.

Manipulative Campus Ministries (Teen Vogue): Former members of this manipulative churches tell their stories.

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