2023.7.30 Sunday Reading List

Sunday, July 30, 2023


Articles that held my attention this week (hard to do with this third trimester brain fog). Things you will not read about: Barbie, Oppenheimer, Ariana Grande. There's too much to sort through on those topics.

 TW: mass shootings, domestic violence.SCOTUS is considering if domestic abusers should have guns (Slate): Besides the obvious danger to victims, there is a really important ripple effect I hadn't thought of.

Why parents are trying to ban so many picture books (WaPo): This is a part of Washington Post's series on book bans in which they analyzed TONS of data - data nerds, social justice warriors, and parents - this is mandatory reading. I wrote a high level post on book bans 101 what we can do about them here.

Our joy, their disturbance (Medium): Important perspective that made me realize what a privilege it is to have hosted so many dinners, after party gatherings, post wedding meals, etc at airbnbs without ever having to worry about my safety. 

I am writing this reflection on the events that happened because I can’t stop feeling that no matter what I accomplish, no matter how much older I become, or how many life goals I achieve- white people still have the capacity to make me feel less than them. The power of privilege, whiteness, and anti-Black racism is that it hides in plain sight through rules that are unfairly and conveniently enforced.

Americans spend 30% of their income on childcare and it's a problem for businesses (Chief): Helpful stats and data points that show the childcare cliff we are in danger of hitting soon. 

Friday Night Meatballs: how to change your life with pasta (Serious Eats): I am actually going to try this and to take to heart the author's second "secret to success":
The second secret is even simpler: Stop giving a shit. Really. Your family and friends want to see you, relax, and eat meatballs. They do not care if your apartment is small or if there is dust on the mantlepiece. They might not even see the dust: That's what the candlelight's for! And if they do, screw 'em.

What really happens to clothes after we donate them? (GQ): Is this a good time to plug how much I'm enjoying Nuuly for maternity clothes? 🥴

I hope everyone has a great week and as always please share the good reads keeping your attention this week!


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