I'm a [temperature] hot person who just wants a good sleep

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

I run very, very hot - especially at night, especially when pregnant, and ESPECIALLY postpartum. I have been around the block with products and remedies for this, and at this point these are the products that have helped me get some sleep:


First is my bedding. I tried the bamboo, I wanted to try the linen but it was pricey for something I didn't get any firsthand recs for. Enter: tencel, the magical fiber that is somehow soft and breathable and allows me to sleep at night. My husband has an obsession with finding the softest of everything while my priority is not being hot, and these meet both of our needs. West Elm's Tencel Comforter and Tencel Sheet Set are it for us.

They are pricey but worth it for me to get some sleep. West Elm has a lot of sales throughout the year: most bank holidays, black friday, cyber monday, and Friends and Family sale that usually hits late March and early September.

I snagged a down-alternative cooling mattress topper on Prime Day. "Cooling" is a stretch, but it does add another level of comfort to our mattress and it doesn't make me hot. I appreciate the box quilting that keeps the filling in place and the corner straps that prevent it from moving around.


Soma's Cool Nights line is now my go-to, I can sleep in nothing else. When I was having postpartum night sweats (more like floods), these were sweat wicking and cooling at the same time. I kept an extra pair next to my bed so I could change when I woke up too soaked to go back to sleep. These are my favorites that I own (I usually pick up items on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other sales throughout the year). They always run out and restock periodically so it's worth keeping an eye on the site:

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