Shorts for people with butts, thighs, and hips

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

I posted about biker shorts on Monday and didn't expect so much feedback! So here is a post completely dedicated to people with @$$, hips, and thighs -- with many blessings comes many challenges and I am here to help navigate the challenge of finding shorts as a grown adult with blessed body parts. These are all shorts I own and wear regularly.

Quince 100% European Linen Shorts ($29.90): Available in size XS - XL and seven colors. I own the white pair and can't wear black undies but you can't see my dark orange bodysuit through them. So they are only somewhat see-through? I have worn these throughout pregnancy and they have good deep pockets. I wear size medium.

Blooming Jelly high waisted running shorts ($26.99): Available in size XS - 3XL and 30+ colors. These are incredibly comfortable, even the liner is fine with me, and they have a zipper pocket (not big enough for phone but still functional for keys and stuff). I ordered a size large but could have stuck with my regular medium. I have worn these throughout pregnancy as well.

Old Navy Maternity Full Panel Linen Blend Shorts ($32, on sale for $12): Available in size XS - XXL in three colors. These are maternity which just means sort of high waisted so I will wear these after pregnancy as well. The linen blend makes them breathable and cool. 

AE Curvy Denim Shorts ($42): Available in size 000 - 20, multiple options. I wear size 10. I haven't been able to wear these while pregnant because buttons and zipper are just no. These fit just right which is so hard to find in denim shorts so I have this and this style as well.

 Beyond Yoga Spacedye Biker Short ($72): Available in sizeXXS - 4X in 5 colors. Spacedye is comparable to Lululemon Align except it doesn't pill as badly in my experience which makes me a convert. My gateway to spacedye is this maternity jumpsuit that I have worn almost every day of pregnancy. When it comes to biker shorts I stick with 7 - 8" inseam because I like the longer look. 

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