Sunday Reading List 2023.6.30

Sunday, July 2, 2023

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 How to Befriend Neighbors (Shondaland): The conversation topic of "how do we make friends as adults???" is a dominant conversation topic in my friend groups that are spread across the country. This article talks about the importance of neighborhood relationships and how to build them.

Inside a conservative confab for young women, where feminism is a lie (WaPo): I grew up in an Evangelical Bible Belt church and am very familiar with Turning Point events. I think it's really important to understand the other side, and this is kind of terrifying.

[Being a conservative young woman] means posing for selfies in a mirror made to look like a magazine cover with a headline that reads, “Birth control is so last year.” It means having it all — but having kids and a husband before trying to get the rest. It means buying tampons and beauty products and other items from companies that market themselves as pro-Christian or anti-“woke.” It means embracing a particular kind of American nostalgia, one where women’s liberation means being free from the complexities of modern gender politics.

Esther Perel Thinks All This Amateur Therapy-Speak Is Just Making Us Lonelier (Vanity Fair): Every interview, talk, podcast, book, essay Esther comes out with is a gift. I can't wait for her new season of the Where Should We Begin podcast and this interview has some gems.

Why Many Women Prioritize Their Partners' Jobs (BBC): The Work Edit shared this article this week and it's been on my mind since. 

Study of marathon runners reveals a ‘hard limit' on human endurance (Science): A new study finds pregnancy is as taxing as an ultramarathon. LFG. 


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