2023.08.27 Sunday Reading List

Monday, August 28, 2023


Sunday Reading List is late this week because pregnancy has destroyed my brain and I can't focus long enough to read a whole article. Here's what caught my attention this week:

Girl Trends and the repackaging of womanhood (Vox): If you're on tik tok, Girl Math and Girl Dinner and Girl Walks have probably popped up on your FYP. Why do these take off and why do we have to say "girl"?

Men's groups are embracing an alternative to American masculinity (WaPo): This looks at how a men's group in DC is addressing loneliness, violence, and its approach to masculinity. 

Guns for tots: what could go wrong? (Substack): Gun marketing to kids... wow.

The consultants who get teens into elite sororities (The Guardian): A look into the jobs of the consultants getting paid $2,000 to consult girls going through sorority rush. 

How to get the most happiness out of your social life (The Atlantic): Even though we prefer to hang out with people who are similar to us, more diverse relationships have been proven to improve well-being, improve certain types of performance, and enhance social adeptness. Studies show that even kids benefit from diverse relationships! This article also give action steps to build more diverse relationships in life.


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