2023.09.17 sunday reading list

Sunday, September 17, 2023



Some people have reached out for copies or text of articles since not everyone has subscriptions to the publications I post or have run out of free articles. I'm using gift links where they're available (i.e. you can read the articles without subscriptions/counting against your free articles). I note them with the 🎁 icon so you know it's a safe click (I know how it is saving up the articles).

🎁 Millennial moms are tired of trying to be perfect (WaPo): Raise your hand if you feel this headline.

Polls of millennial moms show the effects of this inescapable messaging: that they have internalized the importance of being a “perfect mom”; that they are extremely stressed and adept at hiding that stress from even their own families. They confess that they are exhausted by this perpetual, ambient pressure, and are eager to escape it.

Public freakouts, adult tantrums, and bullying are here to stay (Axios): Reassuring to know that it isn't in my head that people are increasingly...worse. I want a deeper dive though to understand why some people went this direction and others didn't. 

What kind of love lasts longest? (Psychology Today): This article talks about how our relationship with our partner impacts our lives (outside the relationship) and how we can convert our relationships to a healthy long lasting love.

🎁 Why food allergies are on the rise (WaPo): Other allergy parents and I have this conversation all the time (my 19 month old has severe egg and dairy allergies), and this article gives a lot more scientific breakdown than our theories. Plus interesting data on who is impacted. 
**If you're an allergy parent, I save a lot about our food allergy experience and how we feed HL in my IG highlights.

How the NFL talks behind closed doors (The Atlantic): If you follow me on Instagram you know I've been leaning into sports (and I'm over it). If anything my sports era has convinced me the NFL is even more trash than I originally thought, and this article details some of the reasons.


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