2024.3.11 Sunday Reading List

Monday, March 11, 2024


My brain has finally regained enough focus to read (er, skim) an entire article so I'm back to reading! Here's what caught my attention this week. Also, sending solidarity 👊 to the toddler parents out there who survived another round of daily savings time aka being held hostage in your own home by tiny tired tyrants.

Maternal mental health drives climbing death rate (CNN): Another ripple affect of the continued regulation and removal of women's healthcare and living in a country run by insurance companies. With clinics and healthcare facilities forced to close down, millions of American women now live in healthcare deserts without access to prenatal and postpartum healthcare. 

Research shows what state standardized tests actually measure (Forbes): This extensive study brings to light something those of us who spent time in public education know - context matters in reading comprehension (fun fact: if you don't know 90% of the words in a sentence, you won't comprehend it). Since standardized tests are designed by and for wealthy white people, the examples used in both reading and math problems involve topics that people from different background will struggle to grasp (think golf, baseball, etc).

Y'all know I despise the weight we put on standardized tests. Hoping studies like this continue to shed light on the topic.

A marketplace of girl influencers managed by mom and stalked by men (NYT - gift link, no subscription required): This was really really hard to read but important to understand as parents who have kids entering the social media age. I also learned a lot reading the comments - I hadn't considered the POV that the parents may be groomed by predators as well.

Is Ozempic the new orthodontia? (WaPo - gift link, no subscription required)

Imagine if — to protect their children from the stigma of being fat — parents begin to fall for the lures not of orthodontics (teeth correcting) but of orthomorphics (shape correcting).

Imagine if the moment a child is deemed “chubby” or “husky,” parents rush to their local orthomorphist for a prescription to “fix” them.


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