a guide to the week: black friday, small business saturday, giving tuesday

Monday, November 20, 2023


We've got a big week coming up and I like to have a plan so I don't miss out on anything or end up overspending. This is how I'm planning to spend money on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Giving Tuesday.

Black Friday

I am keeping my eye on a few products hoping for price drops on Black Friday, some sales have already started (woo hoo!):

NOTE: I have used the Rakuten extension to get cash back on online purchases and to find additional discounts and coupons (at checkout it scans every possible discount code and applies for me) for years. I thought it seemed scammy but it has consistently worked for me. (this is a referral link but I would share with or without the referral because it is very, very legit and stacks on savings for an already good day for us). 

Beyond Yoga 30 - 75% Off [today] (+2% cash back with Rakuten): My favorite maternity jumpsuit is $45 off for Beyond Yoga's Black Friday sale, and the non-maternity version (affectionately known as the hot auntie version) is $42 off in some colors and even more heavily discounted in other colors. The Icon Midi dress that I wore all through pregnancy and will resume this summer is $50 off as well.

Good American 30% Off [today] (+2% cash back with Rakuten): I've been getting targeted with Good American Always Fits jeans that claim to fit four sizes...sounds like what I need as my body changes postpartum. I purchased the Straight Leg and Flare to try (*I won't let myself keep both* *I won't let myself keep both* -- I repeat to myself as I wait for them to arrive).

Tommy John 30% Off [today] (+2.5% cash back with Rakuten): I have the Women's Downtime Joggger set (jogger and henley) and am ordering an additional set because it is all I own that is light but warm enough to sleep in [hi winter night sweats] AND works for night time nursing. Super, super soft. I also really like their undies, and the waistband was soft enough to wear right after my c-section.

Magnetic Me Sale TBD (+ 2% cash back with Rakuten): These are my absolute favorite onesies, we are reusing all with baby #2 so they last. They're pricey but I'm hoping for a good Black Friday discount to stock up for gifts. If there's a decent enough discount I'm also adding the women's nursing PJs to my cart.

Small Business Saturday

The crowd sourced Black Owned Business Guide has been updated with y'alls additions, let's support some Black owned businesses! Please email or message me on social media if you have additional businesses to add!

Giving Tuesday

Similar to Black Friday, Giving Tuesday is the final fundraising push for non-profits to get into the black. I went on a rant on Instagram about the way we think about non-profit funding and the false narrative around "overhead" and you can find a very legit Ted Talk about it here

The TL;DR is that a lot of people divert funds away from nonprofits who use donations for overhead, but overhead is absolutely critical to carrying out missions (staffing, marketing, supplies, etc). Ironically, the only way for us to know how much money goes to overhead is via an accountant which is in fact, overhead. Here is a list of non-profits y'all shared with some of my favorites as well - remember even $5 makes a difference. 

This is also a good day to help clear teacher wishlists which have heartbreaking items like tissues and pencils. 

  • Camp Buggy Creek: a place where children can reach beyond their illnesses and enjoy the simple pleasures of childhood.
  • City Year: An education nonprofit dedicated to students' and schools' success.
  • Comfort Zone Camp: transforms the lives of children who have experienced the death of a parent, sibling, primary caregiver
  • DC Dream Center:  inspires youth and adults to dare to dream, equipping them to reach their God-given potential.
  • Equity Lab:  takes on the nation's biggest challenges of individual, institutional, and systemic inequity.
  • Food Banks: please look up your local food banks, they are really struggling right now due to an influx of need, and the community depends on them for food.
  • Foster the Family: exists to support and encourage foster and adoptive families, mobilize and equip the community and church for foster care and adoption.
  • Martha's Table: Community Kitchen is designed to promote upward economic mobility.DC Diaper Bank 
  • NPR: Nonprofit journalism with a mission. 
  • Ronald McDonald House (google your local chapters): Eases the hardship of children's illness on families.
  • Waste Not Want Not: provides a waste prevention service for the community and provides economically disadvantaged individuals with products and services they need for relief.
*this post contains some referral links meaning I earn a slight commission on some items if you purchase through the links. I do not recommend anything that I either have not tried or do not intend to try, and I am always upfront about what I have not tried but am recommending. No pressure to use my links, just ant to make sure y'all are aware.


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