It's been quite a couple of weeks. Here are the things I'm liking right now: 

🎧Listening: Frontline Dispatch's "Policing the Police in Minnesota" episode is informative. Scene on Radio's 2017 series on Seeing Whiteness brings in experts historians like Ibrahm X. Kendi to explore what it means to be white - the history I'm learning is mind blowing. I also really appreciated Kate Bowler's conversation with Netflix's Wedding Coach on Divorce - while divorce isn't something I personally am going through, it was helpful to hear actionable ways we can support our loved ones who are going through it, and the conversation around permission to grieve a life we thought we'd have.

📚 Reading: Continuing to read Black authors, just finished Red at the Bone by Jacqueline Woodson which tells the story of generations of a Brooklyn family. I learned from Austin Channing Brown's I'm Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness- mandatory reading especially for white Christians. 

📣Important: Last week was National Infertility Awareness Week, and as someone who has been dealing with complications over the last two years this article about what to say and what not to say is something I wish everyone would read. 

👙Swim suit szn: A few weeks ago on IG we talked about the struggle of finding a sensible, age-appropriate bathing suit cover-up. A few of you recommended this $10 Target dress (plus size here), and I ordered this $20 ribbed bodycon cover up (in XL based on reviews and because I'm a little old for an actual bodycon). Also with multiple recs: Summersalt (eyeing these pants) and Swimsuits for All 

$20 ribbed bodycon cover up 

$10 Target dress

👖Wearing: All y'all are out here arguing over if we're going to ditch skinny jeans with Gen Z while I'm focused on never ever returning to hard pants (jeans after a year in sweat pants?! are yall serious?). I ordered these Athleta joggers in Abalone Grey on sale and they are breathable, comfortable, come in petite (so are the actual length they're supposed to be on us 5'4 and belows!) and I can dress them up enough to pass. 

🍷Drinking: It's white wine season! Lol who am I kidding there are no rules rn so I've been white whining year round - McBride Sisters' Sauvignon Blanc is my favorite and is super affordable, and their brut is both Harrison and my favorite champagne right now. Shipping is really fast too which is great. Real into their mission to transform the industry as a Black woman owned wine maker.

stuff I like rn

Wednesday, April 28, 2021


via What's Her Story 

Compliance Will Not Save Me (The Atlantic): Ibram X. Kendi draws striking parallels to our past and points to the questions we should be asking. 

It's Time for Women to Break Up With Politeness (Elle): How do we get over our engrained obligation to be polite? 

There’s a Name for the Blah You’re Feeling: It’s Called Languishing (NYT): Wow - being able to name "languishing" is powerful, I'm going to try some of the solutions suggested here.

Inside the Antiracism Tug-of-War at an Elite NYC Public School (Vanity Fair): This follows a familiar pattern...

Women in the Workforce Need Men to Do More at Home (HBR): Yep. 

The Egg Freezing Boom in Pandemic (NBC News): NYC alone has seen egg retrievals increase 3x in the last year! 

India's COVID Surge (Vox): The perfect storm that has led to a horrific situation.

The Best Friends Can Do Nothing For You (The Atlantic): How to create and nurture friendships that will bring us happiness.


2021.04.25 Sunday Reading List

Sunday, April 25, 2021

This week has been extremely heavy- sending love to you all. Below are some petitions to sign, places to donate, and resources a few of you have sent me for helping kids process the events of the week. Sending extra extra love to the teachers who are having tough conversations and supporting kids this week <3.

Action Items

Sign the petition and donate to Yes4 Minneapolis - a people's petition to abolish the Minneapolis police.

Sign the petition

Donate to Twin Cities Mutual Aid

Donate to Minnesota Freedom Fund to put $ towards bail funds

Donate to Families Supporting Families Against Police Violence

Donate to Communities United Against Police Brutality

Processing Daunte Wright's Murder and the Derek Chauvin Trial with Kids

Daily News Lesson: Police Killing of Daunte Wright Sparks Protest: PBS video and discussion guide for grades 6 -12.

Processing Police Brutality: Its Impact on Mental Health: a guide for leading classroom and small group discussions

Resources to Support Children During the Derek Chauvin Trial from AMAZEworks: Discussion resources for kids ages 3 - 18.

Tips for Parents During the Derek Chauvin Trial


Creating a trans-inclusive workplace (HBR): A lot of employers have made changes for their LGB employees, but miss the mark on T+. Practical ways leaders and co-workers can support trans employees.

All of our virtual assistant's use women's voices and it's a problem (Intelligencer): How the voice of our Alexas and Siris and Google Homes influence our behavior.

Immigrant families are leaving DC's schools (WaPo): Why are they leaving and will they return? 

We wont' remember the pandemic the way we think we will (The Atlantic): The way our memories work is fascinating. Harrison and I are working on an audio recording of our "pandemic memories" after reading this article.

How COVID-19 hollowed out a generation of Black men (ProPublica): A surprising look into why we lost disproportionately more Black men to COVID than any other subgroup.

How an abstinence pledge in the 90s shamed a generation of Evangelicals (NYT): A good read for my fellow raised-in-the-Evangelical-Church True Love Waits pledge-takers. I also really related to Be There in Five's "True Love Weights" podcast episodes (part 1, part 2).

How to support a co-worker experiencing bias and prejudice (Fast Company): 

2021.04.11 Sunday Reading List

Sunday, April 11, 2021