Charming Charlie- It's a Thing

Sunday, August 11, 2013

With a name like Charming Charlie I couldn't help but be judgy and assume it would be cheesy/a place I would never set foot in. But my friend had a big cancer fundraiser there one night and I fell in love. So much jewelry/handbags/shoes/clothes for SO CHEAP. So when I got this email I didn't really rush too fast because I know their sales last until they get rid of everything they need to get rid of (yeah I study my favorite stores' sales ok?): 
 I already had to go out to Alexandria to buy my Wal-Mart jorts, so I went by Charming Charlie and LOOK WHAT I CAME HOME WITH
Half the store was already marked down, and you take 50% OFF OF THAT. So I got some work appropriate jewelry, sparkly gold sandals, a shirt to wear with my new jorts, and a new wallet. I really cannot thank my friend enough for having a fundraiser here to help me overcome my stereotype of places with alliterated names. 

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