Dogcessories: The Rave Leash

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Andi's party trick: swinging around on her rave leash
 Festival wear is in, and just because she's a dog Andi does not intend to miss the boat on this sweeping fashion trend. Also, she was hit by a biker while we jogged through Brookland last year who claimed he "couldn't see her" in the dark (we were on the sidewalk. jogging. on a well-lit road. boy BYE). So her LED Flashing Light Leash (yes flashing- it has 2 settings: on and FLASH- SERIOUSLY) serves a double purpose: fashion and safety. If only it could be so easy for humans! I found this 5' LED leash at Wal-Mart for $10 and it's pretty much the greatest party trick I've purchased to date. People, like moths, are drawn to the light and have gone as far as to cross 4 lanes of traffic to ask me where I got this rave leash. Andi loves the attention, I like making new friends, and both of us like being the coolest dog/human pair in the neighborhood. Also Andi rolls around in the grass and it makes the leash swing around which looks REAL cool when it's dark outside. I mean it looks like we practice this actual party trick. HA as if Andi is trained in the least. Walmart has the leashes in green, yellow and red, and I found more colors on Amazon: Amazon LED Leashes
LED Leash on Amazon for $12


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