Steak Crisis

Sunday, August 11, 2013

 So when I convinced my boyfriend to try clean eating with me it seemed very simple: we eat meat and veggies for dinner every night. Who doesn't want to do that? So I set off for the grocery store to pick up some steak for dinner this week. Simple right? Not so much. With clean eating I've been cooking meat for the first time and I'm quickly learning that there is a whole different Meat Language that I am not even conversational in. Also I treat going to the grocery store as a competitive event- how fast can I be in and out this time?! So here is the crisis that ensued as I browsed the meat department:

What is this?!?!! Research? Isn't that just like boys right? I can't think of a single food I love so much,  yet have to look up what kind I eat EVERY TIME I GO TO A RESTAURANT. The research on his part took way too long (he is fired as my meat translator) and I grabbed a $14 NY Strip steak and ran out of the meat department. The only reason I grabbed that was because it seemed like the best bang for my buck with 4 pieces in the package. But really $14 seems like a lot of money to pay for two nights' worth of meat! Or is that normal for carnivores??

After two years of shopping in DC I've found Snider's Superfoods in Silver Spring to be the least expensive store, especially when it comes to produce and apparently meat so I trust that I'm getting the best price/quality. Plus it's fabulous- it's a local grocery store and the owner Terry is like that drunk uncle we all have who heckles everyone and does drunk uncle things, except he's not drunk he just walks through the store singing and making fun of people (I hate public humiliation hence the reason I needed to speed out of the meat department before Terry spotted me cluelessly staring at steaks...I can only imagine the uncomfortable innuendos that would come out of his mouth about a young woman lost in the meat aisle). 

So good luck with your steak adventures and is there some kind of book I can read to learn about this meat language? I'll post after we actually eat the steak, hopefully all this grocery store stress isn't for nothing.

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