Steaks in the Mail?!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Steaks in the mail? That's a thing? Is that sanitary?? And is Livingsocial tailoring deals to my blog??? After the steak crisis at the grocery store yesterday I was REAL quick to jump on this deal that came across my email today:

Even though the thought of paying $70 for something like Steak in the Mail makes me super uncomfortable, it's a great deal for ANYTHING that I can get a solid 10 meals out of. And filet mignon! That's fancy right? I excitedly called my Kansas-steak-and-potatoes dad as soon as I placed the order to let him know his fears for my meat-depravity over the years could be put to rest.   "Oh Omaha Steaks? Hm never been too pleased with them. Not good quality. Yeah let me know how it goes." Can't even eat steak right.

K welp I'd pretty much rather eat raw meat before I try to navigate the Snider's meat section again. And I would also rather get butchered myself than have my parents read this blog and see that I am helpless in the steak aisle. Kansans love their steak, and they really love making fun of vegetarians and people of the like with low Meat IQs. Also really even if it's not amazing it's $7 per meal. I really can't complain about that unless it has bugs crawling out of it. Wait that doesn't really happen does it?

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