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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Unfortunately happy hours have really jammed up my workout schedule this summer. Actually it's not unfortunate, I've had a great summer and now it's time to get back in shape and get training for my second half marathon! Training starts in a few weeks but my goal is to not hate my life so much this time around, i.e. I need to get into some shape before I start training. Here is my 40 minute workout from yesterday:

Fitness Blender's HIIT Like a Girl : This is a good workout for trying to get back into shape- not super hard but not beginner. It's straight High Intensity Interval Training for 22 minutes and doesn't include warm up, cool down or stretching. I counted the next videos as a "cool down" and did some stretching at the end. I also miraculously had energy during the last move so switched it up to monkey jumps.

Blogilates POP Pilates Upper Body Workout (Arms, Shoulders, Chest): Spider pushups- what is that?!??! But hey, it's 10 minutes and I want Michelle Obama arms so let's go.

Blogilates ROAR Ab Challenge: I love Blogilates. I love Katy Perry (I know, I know). I love dancing while I work out. Really just get into it and it's great. 

And that's it! I made sure to stretch afterwards because my favorite excuse to not exercise the next day is "I'm too sore I can't!". I made sure to hit my lower back, calves, and quads. I hold each of these for about 30 seconds:
Get those glutes! Photo credit:

Quads. Photo credit:

Calves. Photo Credit.

Lower back. Photo Credit:

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