Broke Girl's Work Wardrobe Pieces Under $20

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Look I hate to brag but since power shopping isn't a nationally recognized competition yet, I have to give myself my own kudos in this area. Can we just talk about how I have managed to never pay more than $20 (except on shoes- hey, YOLO) on anything I wear? Also I follow a lot of those blogs that are just people showing what they wear to work every day and am almost always like OH I HAVE ALL THOSE PIECES! So a little broke and bougie inspiration for the week:


Wednesday (it was a desk day)

  • Shoes: $25 at DSW (7 years ago)
  • Pants: $19.99 Julie Straight Leg at Loft (I'm on their e-mail list and got an alert that these pants were 50% off the sale price and knew I had to track some down in my size)
  • Blouse: $17.50 at Forever 21 (2 years ago, see similar ones here)
  • Watch: $20 at Hallmark. Yep, Hallmark. Sidenote on Hallmark: they have a lot of random cool stuff. My mom did a part time gig there and I discovered that besides extremely over-priced cards, they also have reasonably priced chatchkis (see- unbreakable wine glasses, wine glass tumblers with LIDS, the list goes on).

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