Broke & Bougie Workwear: Old Navy Edition

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sometimes I forget about Old Navy. That's a lie, I never think about Old Navy- that is until one of my coworkers came to work in the greatest flats and I was like "I know we earn a similar salary, WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE" and she was like "Old Navy!" and I was like "what I never think about Old Navy" and she was like "well you SHOULD think about Old Navy let me pull up their website right now" and I was like "wait $20 sweater dresses? I'll order $50 worth of stuff for free shipping!" Can we just talk about what I ordered for $50? And they have petite sizes for midges like me who are under 5'4!? Was no one going to tell me about this?

My awesome co-worker who re-introduced me to Old Navy warned me that dress sizes run large- she usually orders a size smaller than she is in real life, but shoes run small.

Can't wait to wear this with my Loft pattern tights and JustFab grey booties

Going to pair this with tights, booties and grey sweater below

Can we just talk about how flattering these shirt wrap dresses are on EVERYONE?

Will be pairing this with the skirt above or a black blazer

Honorable mentions that didn't make it into my cart this go-around:

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