Winterwear: The Flannel Shirt

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Honestly, I'm really bad at this casual comfortable look- mostly because I hate hate hate the look of sneakers with jeans (what am I, a mom power walking through the mall?), I have this weird issue with feeling like Toms make me look fat (they make my lower half look like a triangle!), but I feel too old to wear Converse or Jordans or whatever else comfortable footwear is out there.

So while I have no clue what to wear on my feet, I'm down with the flannel look- camper wood chopper meets casual weekend meets lots of color. And they're affordable so I like that too. These are my favs:

$17.99 Arizona Plaid Button-Front Shirt at JCPenney 

I love the look of flannel with vests too. Cozy and some vests add a little edge: 

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