Healthy Super Bowl Snacks (all clean!)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A few months ago I published a post on Clean Eating Tailgate foods. Super Bowl is one of the best times to convert people to clean eating- show up with delicious snacks and people are like "Ohh this is so good" and then I'm like "yeah yall and it's clean!" and they're like "wait are you serious?" and then I'm laughing to myself. So for a little super bowl snacking inspiration, here are all my clean snacks that are totally appropriate for Super Bowl Sunday.

And in honor of Bruno Mars' halftime show, my favorite Bruno song (Gorrilas) WITH R.KELLEY. Really who doesn't love little tiny Bruno when he hits those high notes, and R. Kelley..well he's a great singer he just needs to stay off twitter, or to fire his publicist. Actually on second thought, keep it up R. I laughed so hard at the hashtags that came out of that.

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