Wednesday Workout: HIIT & Arms

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Woosh yall I'm stiiiilll strugglin to get back into a routine! While this weather has me in a real funk, exercising is the only thing keeping my mood up and my energy level going. I did a Fitness Blender HIIT followed by some Blogilates arms...oof.

Question: what does everyone else do to keep energy up and moods good when we haven't seen the sun in days (weeks?) and the high temps are a steady 25 degrees or lower?

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  1. My workouts are first thing in the morning so nothing has changed in that aspect. I think I'm crashing earlier each night though. I've been super sleepy and falling asleep during the movies we're watching after dinner.

  2. I keep my mood up by exercise and getting pedicures. Also when the sun is up, I sit by a window for 10 minutes for some vitamin D. Thanks for visiting WOW and stop by The Frugal Exerciser when you get a chance.

  3. I'm in Louisiana so for the most part we have sun on a regular basis. However, exercising keeps my mood up, and if I'm sluggish some kombucha helps to get my energy up. Followed you here fro the Workout Wednesdays link up.

  4. I'm from Connecticut, but now live in Houston, TX so I've been pretty lucky. As a personal trainer I have a lot of tricks for my clients (especially my online ones who aren't able to enjoy warm weather). I advise jumping rope and trying HIIT workouts at home as a way to start. I then remind them that shoveling or playing in snow is also a workout! Glad you have some go to workouts you enjoy :)

  5. You know I typically start my workout off slow and then it picks up and I start feeling better before I know it. It takes me time to warm up. Yesterday I ran our warm up mile in 8:27. I started off slow but once I got warmed up I was going! That's what you have to do I think. Thanks for stopping by WOW Link Up!! Love your blog.


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