Wednesday Workout: HIIT & Barre Workout + Weekly Planning

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sooo after four days of eating and boozing my way through San Diego last week I really need to kick up the workout routine and stop settling for one 20-minute HIIT. Plus I am in the thick of my February Funk (IS THIS SNOW SERIOUS RIGHT NOW) and exercise is pretty much the only thing that keeps me going and feeling good. So here was today's workout!

Week of Workouts:

PS can we just talk about how much more I would exercise if I lived in San Diego? There was no humidity! What is that??

PSS I could not even handle the music in the Barre video buttttt the burn!! OMG burning.

PPSS: Want more free workout videos? Check out my full listing of the best full length youtube workouts!

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  1. I've heard of barre before but I'm not exactly sure what it is. I am interested it in though. Looks like you've been working hard this week!

  2. Where do you live? It's going to snow in Chicago again this week-end? That's ok I see you live in DC. I did my tabata leg workout this morning along with my run/walk this morning.

  3. You know I had to check out this barre video you posted. Oh seriously? OMG! I will share this with my trainer who is a professional ballerina to see what she thinks! The weekends can sabotage but we just have to remain diligent! LOL! Thank you for joining us in our WOW Link Up!

    1. I am really interested to hear what your ballerina trainer thinks of the videos! Either way, they are so hard and work muscles that I don't normally work so I love it!


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