"Sweating for the wedding" or "Bridal Bootcamp" or "Insert stressful phrase about how you have to be skinny at your wedding"

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I've mentioned before how I'm trying real hard to just do me for this wedding. Just me. No one else. On the other hand, this is the Lindsay and Harrison show and I better look damn good at my own party! Harrison's on it too (about half as hard and dropping libbies twice as fast). So far I'm down 8 lbs since New Year's (disclaimer: I went a little crazy over the holidays and had a lot more to lose).

The other thing though is that I. feel. amazing. My body feels good, my head feels clear, I'm sleeping like a baby through the night (wait why do people say that? My friends who have babies right now would say sleeps like a baby to mean wakes up every freaking hour of the night), I have tons of energy, and just feel all around great.

The original plan was to start something zooo crazy like Crossfit a few months before the wedding. However in the midst of signing away my life savings to buy a house and have a wedding, I can't justify the cost. And who needs to spend that kind of money when you've got these guys:

Food: Paleo every day with one cheat meal  day

Exercise: Here's what a typical week looks like

Sunday: Millionaire Hoy 1,000 Calorie Full Body Burnout

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: BenderFitness 15 Minute HIIT  x 2 + Sickfit  15 minute Tabata + Yoga

Wednesday: Yoga

Thursday: HIIT x 2 (minus the warm up and cooldown) + tabata + yoga

Friday: Run or Yoga (or both)

Notice anything? Yoga every damn day. I'm loving it. Since I'm on a mission it's been easier for me to find time to dedicate to exercise, but I'm hoping this becomes a routine. I definitely want to keep up yoga every day, and incorporate more running. And when I need a lil motivation I cut on this video Taylor shared last week:



  1. can you send me some motivation? i have lost mine and found weight, rather than gotten rid of it.. lol.
    that video though - saw it the other day and freaking loved it!

  2. Oh man, that first work out is hardcore and an hour and a half long!! Dang girl! I dont have an hour and a half in the moring before work, I already wake up at 430 to get in my 3-45 mins now!! Can you send me some of your eating motivation please? That is where I fail the most.

  3. Get it girl! There are so many great online workout options these days! Way to add so much variety to your workouts!

  4. You go girl you can do it! And thanks for the vids I can always use more exercise!

  5. Yoga is no joke! I am not flexible at all so it intimidates me but I have gotten into Piyo since I already had the DVD's.


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