Friday Favs: Winter Running Clothes & Accessories

Friday, January 22, 2016

Hi my name is Lindsay and I live in fear of treadmills. Yes, treadmills. The monotony, the whole not-moving thing, the whole inside thing - I'm shuddering just thinking about it (woof). I have my own personal temperature rules I go by for running outside - everyone else does that too right? Like if it's 60 degrees +, I wear short sleeves and shorts, 50 degrees plus = crop pants and long sleeves, 40-50 is a crapshoot depending on wind/sun/etc, anything under 30 is when I turn into a big baby and go for multiple layers/hoods/fleece/anything to keep it warm. Anyone else or is that just me?

 DC doesn't have the most horrific winters, but they're not pretty either. I have invested in a few high quality winter pieces (it hurt to drop those $$ but was worth it) that have lasted multiple winters so far (hence the reason it was worth it to drop the $$), and add on when I find a good deal here and there. Here are a few of my favorite staples and deals:

Asics Thermopolis Hoodie $42 ( is where I get 90% of my running gear)

Nike Pro Hyperwarm Embossed Tight $39 (I own these and they are so warm I can't even wear them around the house - I start sweating. Super warm, great for the super cold days)

New Balance PolySpan Tights $21 (can we discuss how I bought a pair of New Balance running tights in HIGH SCHOOL AND STILL WEAR THEM TODAY. They have outlived my Lululemon's which cost approximately 100000 times as much. Just saying.)

UA Women's Tech Twist $18 (Most of my tech tees come from past races and I always wear them. I kind of recommend signing up for a race just for the tee..)

Nathan Handheld Water Bottle $13 (DC turns off the water fountains when the temps are freezing which leaves me dying of thirst on long runs. This bottle is so light and the way it fits around the hand doesn't irritate me the way the bouncy belts do)

I got this chapstick in a Voxbox last year and have never turned back. It's the kind of chapstick you put on at night and still feel the fresh coat on your lips when you wake up. Yes please. My lips get super dry running in the cold and this is the ish. 

Where do you find winter running clothes deals?


  1. I am going to look for some of these for winter tennis. It gets so cold in Atlanta but with the right gear I still like being outside to exercise!

  2. hmmm i want to check out that chapstick! i don't live in fear of treadmills, i used to hate them but now i appreciate them. i feel warm, safe and um, safe. haha. i don't even mind the cold, it's just that it's dark when i can run and i'm too much of a scaredy cat. but on the weekends, i mainly run outside because i can run during daylight. anyway! i'll have to check out those new balance tights especially if you've had them for so long! that is awesome!

  3. The absolute perfect work out leggings!! Totally worth it, totally cute, and so comfortable while you're working out, and also gives the appearance of you looking a little bit thinner than you actually are! And who doesn't want that.

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