first 2 weeks home with a newborn: the budget friendly newborn baby products we use the most

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

We have officially been home for two weeks with the new baby, and these are the products we have used approximately 1 million times. Most of these products are second purchases for us as we are still using them for our 20 month old, meaning they LAST even though these are the budget friendlier versions of the products.

1. Portable Bassinet ($59): This folds up and is lightweight and easy to move from room to room and set on the couch, counter, wherever we are hanging out, for the baby to sleep (because newborns sleep A LOT).

$136 savings vs. Dock a Tot

2. Baby Bouncer ($79): Adjustable, washable, collapsible (so easy to transport) and for all intents and purposes seems exactly the same as the Baby Bjorn bouncer. This goes everywhere in the house with us and is a great seat for her while I'm showering or using the bathroom too. 

    $130 savings vs. Baby Bjorn

3. Basic diaper brand: We use Pampers and I have the app that lets me use my phone to scan diaper packs for rewards. The key with diapers is that when we start experiencing blowouts or leaks, it is time to size up and NOT to switch to the most expensive brand that promises no leaks. **Remember to run your fingers along the edge of the diapers so the ruffles are out- this also prevents leaks and blowouts!**

$46 per box savings over the leading fancy diaper brand 

4. Changing pad ($31): We use this basic ass changing pad with a waterproof surface you can wipe anything off of, a buckle for the rollers, and grips that allow you to set it on any surface. Lightweight and easy to move from room to room.

$120 savings over the Keekaroo Peanut changing pad

5. Guava Lotus Bassinet + Travel Crib Bundle ($349): I love that this bassinet is part of the pack and play travel crib, so once we're done with it we can still use the parts for years. The bassinet rocks and collapses making it easy to travel with. Sidenote: the Guava Lotus Pack and Play is ELITE! Y'all may remember a few months ago when I was pregnant (with terrible nausea) and flew alone with my toddler + our suitcase + stroller + pack and play and it was zero issue because the p&p was so lightweight and easy to carry. I am easily frustrated by putting together anything (I outsource Ikea furniture assembly..) and it takes me less than 20 seconds to set this up. I'm not being paid for this, I just want everyone else to experience the ease that comes with a great baby product.

    $1,345 savings over the Snoo

6. Bassinet Sheets ($13): I completely forgot these were a separate thing we needed with our first and had to Shipt a pricey set from Target when we got home lol oops. 

7. Wipe Dispenser ($22): There are some not so obvious necessities when it comes to a wipe dispenser and this one has them. Need to have a weight inside that ensures you only pull out one wipe at a time (nothing more frustrating than moving as fast as you can with a baby releasing every possible body function simultaneously at 3 am and continuing to pull out a CVS receipt roll of wipe), tap to open, foolproof seal to close. We opt out of the wipe warmer because a warmer is not portable and they don't have it at daycare so our baby's gotta get used to a cold booty - sorry!

    $20 savings vs. wipe warming dispenser

8. Magnetic Onesies ($40): Ok these are a splurge so they make a good registry item but the magnets make chaotic changes easier and ease is something I'm willing to pay for. If not these I am also fine with the double zip onesies. Under NO circumstances do I EVER use a sleeper with snaps. I have a 3 snap maximum. 

Hope this is helpful!


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