2023 Sephora Sale Items

Friday, November 3, 2023

 If you follow along on IG you know I saw my dermatologist after Hall's birth to deal with my postpartum skin issues and my derm rocked my world when she got me off all my pricey skincare products and on sunscreen, Cetaphil, Cerave, Vitamin C serum, and prescription [$15!!!] Retinol. So while I'm not spending like I used to at the Sephora sale, there's still fun to be had. 

Here's what I ordered for the sale that ends on 11/6 (because I know we're all sitting here with full carts scared to pull the trigger):

My hair stylist turned me on to this shampoo and conditioner to treat my dry, flaky scalp and it has been a god send. 

Erica Taylor is a 90's makeup artist who is doing the Lord's work and teaching those of us who haven't updated their makeup routine since that Clinique showcase in 7th grade how to do makeup for our aging skin.  I ordered the Merit Bronze Balm she uses for her "Grilled Cheese" makeup tutorial. I'm terrified of contouring due to an incident years ago with a makeup artist that left me walking down the aisle for my friend's wedding looking like I'm on my way to my guest spot on a Jersey Shore club night out, but MANY people in my DMs reassured me that this is contour for people scare of contour. 

When I posted the balm on IG, everyone and their mom got in my DMs telling me how much you love it and that I need to try Merit's Concealer and Foundation stick as well so I threw that in my cart. 

Also straight from Erica's tutorial I ordered this minimal blush.

And added my favorite mascara that never runs,  no matter how many times per day pregnancy/post partum hormones have me crying. 

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