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Tuesday, November 7, 2023

The Sephora Sale always brings up conversations around skincare and how our routines evolve - y'all may remember a few years ago when I was hellbent on using all "clean" products, and then a few followers who are literal scientists and chemists (with PhDs, not just people who google a lot like me) gently suggested resources to understand the actual [minimal] dangers in our skincare products, and how big companies have taken these not-data-based-fears to convince us to spend lots and lots of money on "clean" skincare. 

So, while I am not a medical professional or a scientist who understands things, I have entered a new phase of skincare and makeup. Below are some things that have helped me out:


After I had Hall my postpartum skin was out of control and my Sephora products weren't cutting it, so I consulted a dermatologist (if you're in the DMV I have had great experiences with Integrated Dermatology - they take insurance and do cosmetic services in office). My appointment was less than 10 minutes long and included a full skin cancer screen followed by an acne/aging skin consult. My dermatologist got me on this routine:

  • Morning: facewash with Cetaphil >> a tiny amount of Vitamin C Serum (she recommends this serum) >> by CeraVe moisturizer >> sunscreen.
  • Evening: facewash with Cetaphil >> prescription Retinol >> CeraVe moisturizer 
    • Once/week: exfoliate
A few notes: 
The Vitamin C serum is pricey but it lasts for awhile. I am waiting to reorder for Derm Store's Black Friday sale starting November 17th in hopes that it goes on sale.

I stock up on Cerave at Costco and share it with my kids (it great for my sensitive skinned babies).

My derm calls the Retinol into a mail in pharmacy that takes my insurance, making the Retinol cost $15.

Yes, I been punching the air about how much money I've sunk into "clean" facewashes and toners and serums. 


I haven't updated how I do my makeup since the demo at the mall's Clinique counter (I just wanted my Clinique Happy perfume!!), and I have spent the last few years applying makeup with my fingers because life is busy and my toddler loves makeup brushes and it's just not worth the fight to get them back. 

HOWEVER I found Erica Taylor on Tik Tok (also on Instagram and Youtube) who shows accessible tutorials on how to update our routine for aging skin. Some of my favorites:

Easy Daily Makeup Tutorial (it's actually easy I can do it)

Dated Eyeshadow (I feel old)

Dos and Don'ts (makeup stuff we were taught to do that now makes us look old)

Here is the actual makeup I'm using (most recommended by Erica and/or actual friends):

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