25 CLEAN EATING SNACKS! {perfect party foods}

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Let me just say how difficult it is to stay healthy during the holiday season, especially for awkward people such as myself who find ourselves standing next to the food table stuffing our faces and chugging drinks in an attempt to "look busy" and not have to make awkward small talk.

Since I always bring food and booze to the parties I attend anyway, why not bring clean snacks? If I'm going to awkwardly binge, it might as well be healthy right? Plus I love when people are like "omg this is so good what is in it? Wait is it seriously clean??" Trickery at its finest.

Here's my rolodex of clean eating party snacks:


  1. Thanks for coming to link up with Motivation Monday, your post fit the theme perfectly (not a requirement at all, but nice!) I'm SO picky myself (a plain Jane, don't like much of anything mixed) but I'm on the lookout for foods for hubby - especially ones that can be packed in a lunch.

    1. I am also REALLY picky! It's hard for us picky eaters!! Glad to know someone else shares the struggle haha!

  2. Thanks for all the yummy ideas! :)


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