Guest Post: The Best of Plus Size Pants (you'll NEVER guess where we found the best)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

While I'm soaking up the San Diego sun my good friend Charisse is taking over Thursday on Broke & Bougie! Enjoy!

I'm Charisse, a twenty something non-profit professional. I also happen to be a full-figured fashionista and often Lindsay's personal stylist. I am so excited to finally get the opportunity to write a post of Broke and Bougie!

While getting ready for the ballet this weekend, I had a mini meltdown because I had nothing to wear and not in that "I have lots of stuff but just not feeling what I have" kind of way. In that moment I decided I needed to maybe a get a couple of new items to addto my wardrobe to get me fashionably through the Winter. I started with my usual plus size friendly online shops: Asos Curve, Target, and Simply Be. I wasn't really finding anything I like and then I remembered that I had read on one of the plus size blogs that I follow that Talbots is a great place for curvy girls. Not only do they go to size 20 in their straight sizes BUT they have womans and womans petite. When I think of Talbots I usually think of Boca, sweater sets and loafers but I thought why not try, you never know right? Plus a trust fashionista can make anything work. Boy am I glad I went with it, Talbots is currently having a huge end of season sale; up to 60% off all items. I purchased 3 pairs of great pants for $87 original retial price, wait for it......$387!! SCORE

Prints and textures seem to be on trend for fall 2014 so I will definitely get some wear out of these next season. If you are afraid of wearing prints on bottom, ease your way in with a subtle mono-chromatic print like these purchased in black.

I also have seen jewel tones making a return on the runways at Mercedes Benz Fashion week (streamed through Youtube) like these velveteen pants I got in a burgundy color.

Another item coming in strong this year is the tuxedo pant. I found this pair for under $30.

All pants were ankle length (another big trend) which is perfect for my 5'3 frame, they tend to hit just where I like it.

Moral of this story: open your mind to all retailers, you never know what you may find. Being a plus size woman who loves fashion is sometimes hard. The fashion industry is slowly moving towards seeing us as actual style influencers worthy of stylish and accessible clothing and not just people who need shrouds of drab clothes to cover a body that we are trying to change (come on Jenna Lyons, extend JCREW's sizing already).

Do you have any great straight size cltohing stores that work for a fuller figure? If so share away, I am always looking to add to my arsenal.

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$20 Tuxedo Pant @ Talbots

$ 20 Curvy Velveteen Ankle Pants

Print Pants @ Talbots


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