Wednesday Workout {33 minutes to death with D180 Fitness}

I feel like I'm cheating on FitnessBlender and Blogilates, but I really needed a change of pace. While I like how peaceful the FitnessBlender guy's voice-over is, I am starting to have nightmares of that monotone voice forcing me to do burpees until I die.

So this was great to change things up a little with different exercises and different routines, and I'd also like to mention that I plan to try their "Skinny Jean Swag" video later this week...

Their customers pay $50/month to get unlimited access to the videos, so these appear to be legit workouts!

Sidenote- doesn't that butt blaster just look like a dirty dance move? For about 4 seconds I was like "ew this man is disgusting he just wants to watch their butts" until my glutes immediately lit on fire. It does work!


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