2022.09.05 Sunday Reading List

Monday, September 5, 2022


Gradually easing back into this thing as I gradually find my way back to myself after a baby.

The Jackson, MS Water Crisis Stems from Decades of Racist Exploitation (MSNBC): In this edition of local elections matter and also race is at the center of absolutely everything: The water issue has been ongoing for years but MS's [70% white] state legislature voted against funding infrastructure to resolve the water issue for the state capital whose population is 83% Black. This quote says it all. 

Racist power brokers tried to destroy Black Mississippi by “withholding the financial resources necessary for the basic running and maintenance of, say, a capital city, its public schools and its water and sewer systems.”

Online Creators are De Factor Therapists & It's Complicated (WaPo): Rates of anxiety and depression are at an all time high and so are mental healthcare costs, leading people to social media.

What Comes After Ambition? (Elle): This is the sentiment of so many conversations in my circles recently. I can't tell you how many times in the last two years I have said "I want to but I am just so damn tired of..."

It's Time to Talk About Quiet Firing (Bloomberg): Shining the spotlight on ineffective manager, please and thank you!

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