BB Dogs

My dog is my best friend with bougier tastes than my own.

Harnesses, Leashes and Leaders for Strong Dogs (who LOVE TO PULL AND EMBARRASS THEIR OWNERS)
3 Ingredient Homemade Dog Treats
Best Dog Toys for Strong Chewers
Doggy Style: Tacky Sweater Edition
The Best Online Factory Outlet Stores- including doggie outlets
Homemade Doggie Shampoo (Dish Soap + Vingear + Water, who knew?!)
Doggie Style: Halloween Costumes
Weekend Workout Wisdom from Andi
Doggie Gourmet: 1 ingredient dog treat that keeps them entertained for hours
Doggy Style: The Dog Business Tie
Nature Day: Dog Friendly Trails in Rock Creek Park
Dogcessories: The Rave Leash
Dog Bed Deal!! -because my dog deserves a better night's sleep than mine.
Doggergies - cheap home remedies for doggie allergies
My Dog Sleeps on a Nicer Bed Than Me. Andi's orthopedic dog bed for $25!

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